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Persian Collection 1271 Blue

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This collection is made up of the most authentic looking, handmade lookalike Persian style vintage rugs ever made with modern technology!
The diversity of designs, colours and textures, as well as their handmade look and feel, will suit any customer who wishes to purchase a real Persian rug but finds it unaffordable.
"Persian Collection" rugs also have genuine cotton fringes, a non-shedding and anti-static soft pile, fast colours as well as the ambience of nomadic and tribal handicraft heritage.


  • Construction: Machine-knotted
  • Material: Heat-set polypropylene and cotton.
  • Origin: Turkey
  • Collection: Vintage
  • Total height: 13mm.
  • Total weight: 2800 gr/sqm.
  • Available in Sizes:
    • 80cm x 150cm
    • 120cm x 180cm
    • 160cm x 240cm
    • 200cm x 300cm
    • 240cm x 330cm (to follow soon)

Dimensions & Weights

Size: 80cm x 150cm - Dimensions of roll: 80cm long x 6cm diam. - Weig
ht: 3.5kg appx.
Size: 120cm x 180cm - Dimensions of roll: 120cm long x 8cm d
iam. - Weight: 5.5kg appx.
Size: 160cm x 240cm - Dimensions of roll: 160cm long x 10cm d
iam. - Weight: 10kg appx.
Size: 200cm x 300cm - Dimensions of roll: 200cm long x 13cm d
iam. - Weight: 16kg appx.
Size: 240cm x 330cm - Dimensions of roll: 240cm long x 15cm d
iam. - Weight: 22kg appx.